The Session Experience

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Houston Family Photographer
Houston Family Photographer
Houston Family Photographer

Jennifer Sue Photography creates a candid, authentic photo experience while capturing your family's natural connections. Created out of the desire of a mother's heart to document the life of my little boys, it's also my desire to offer this same service to your family.


1. Scheduling:

To book your session with JSP, simply contact me! We discuss a few specifics like session type (see the next page for more details), location and any other questions you have before making your deposit.

2. Before your shoot:

After booking, you have access to all my pre-session goodies. This includes an incredibly helpful Style Guide and a Session Questionnaire. This handy questionnaire is the start of our session planning and is my favorite piece of information in getting to know your family. The Style Guide is helpful in dressing your family, and most importantly, in making sure everyone is relaxed and comfortable.

3. During your shoot:

I have two goals during our photo shoot, 1) have FUN  and  2) to partner with you in creating family memories and capturing them for years and years of enjoyment. I'm a candid family photographer which means I don't rely on a lot of posing, and, instead, help create an authentic atmosphere where your family can just be yourselves!

4. After your shoot:

I get in touch with you the next day after your session to schedule a reveal time where I unveil your images for the first time! This special appointment happens four weeks after your shoot. I can also get a few sneak peaks on Facebook per request. 

5. Reveal ordering session:

This! This is when you get to see all your images for the first time and experience the joy of seeing your family in all your loveliness. This can happen one of two ways, I come to your house or we meet online. On this night I offer special reveal pricing on my beautiful collection packages. And they are beautiful! On top of that, I do all the ordering for you. You don't have to do a thing, because, hey,  you have enough to do already.