Houston Family Photographer

Hi there!

I’m Jennifer Sue, the creator of Jennifer Sue Photography. (JSP for short.) But you can just call me Jenn!

I'm passionate about lifestyle and in-home photography. They are my favorite ways to take pictures! This means I'm your girl if you're looking for a loving, passionate, family-oriented photographer specialized in capturing authentic moments with real people in their natural homes.

I've been taking pictures since I was a kid, toting around my old school polaroid camera, asking everyone in my family to strike a pose. I've kept my favorites all this time and still look back on them with so much fondness.

I've loved this photography thing for a looooong time and truly appreciate the art of capturing moments as a way to look back and remember.

My passion for photography grew even more when my husband and I started having children. Boys in fact. Two of em. I value family and creating traditions and celebrating birthdays and all that goes with growing a family. This perspective helps me when capturing sincere moments for your dear family. I'm in this with you!

I also created JSP as a platform to advocate for foster care and adoption. I believe in caring for orphans and rallying around those who are also caring for them. By offering photography services, I can walk with families through their adoption process or foster care journey and celebrate the homecoming of their new family members while sharing their stories!


A little bit more about me...

  • I believe in Jesus Christ and live my life in awe of His love.
  • I hail from Louisiana but once I met my bearded love, I became a Texas girl. So you could say I’m a Tex-ianian.
  • Our boys: Charlie & Noah - full of love and ridiculously mischievous.
Houston Family Photographer
  • I love the south and any chance I get to capture it's loveliness in my photos, I jump on it. Like Texas Bluebonnet season!
  • I'm a bit dramatic, love to smile with my whole face (literally, y'all, my entire face), will get lost in a good book for days and fiercely love my people.
  • I enjoy crafts and DIY projects (although I don't always finish them), sewing, cozy pjs, games (board games, computer games, console games... did I mention I'm a bit of a geek?), hosting people in my home and pretty much anything with my community.

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