I’m so excited to work with your family! Before you begin, it’s important for you to know I have experience in turning life’s simplest details into beautiful imagery. Please answer the following questions with thought, honesty and without judgment or fear of what your response will look like in your photos. I’m here to take great care of you and your sweet family!

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Think about their favorite things (toys, stuffed animal, movies, music, books, games, jokes).
A special toy, book, lovey, something you do together, something super cute your child does right now?
For example, if it’s a rainy Saturday, would you find Dad relaxing in front of the TV and Mom with the kids crafting together in the dining room? Would the kids be making a fort? Would you head out instead of stay home?
Reading books, playing at the park, dancing & singing, game nights, sports, hiking/taking walks...
I'm here to help! Don't know? Don't worry.
My client's favorites: prints, canvases, gifts for family, photo books.
Tell me anything. Worries, fears, concerns, excitement...
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