Hospital Birth in Katy, TX | Houston Birth Photographer

Meet Annie and her husband, Morgan. Annie is a strong, beautiful momma who gave birth to their baby boy at the Houston Methodist West hospital.

Birthing in a hospital comes with its own set of challenges. Although pain medication is readily available, and doctors and nurses are present to address critical needs (which this sweet couple needed), a mother's experience is limited. She has a limited view of what's happening to her body and to her baby during the birth process. Birthing on her back, often with blue hospital sheets covering her already limited view, is still standard practice in most hospitals.

Annie knew she didn't want to miss a thing and eagerly hired JSP to photograph her labor and birth to capture all the moments she would miss and to have their birth experience as a keepsake long after the memories fade.

Family Christmas Session in Pecan Grove | Houston Family Photographer

This darling family of four was a joy to photograph. Nestled in the trees of Pecan Grove, we played games, took rides in a red wagon and enjoyed the golden rays of sunset. Capturing the years when our children are small isn't easy, but the sweet reward of creating new memories on camera is so worth it.

I adored the little game big brother and baby sister played- dad would hold sister and chase brother with squeals of laughter and huge smiles (a photographer's dream!) following every step of the way.

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Mommy and Me Mini Session in Pecan Grove | Houston Family Photographer

Can I just say, being a Houston family photographer is the BEST job I’ve ever had. I meet so many different people and families and siblings and after every session I learn something new whether it's a new camera trick, more ways to create natural connections between siblings, how to help a shy child come out of their shell... it’s fascinating and fun and beautiful.

After offering mini sessions at the Katy Silos, I took my camera to the small wooded area of Pecan Grove in Richmond, TX and had a blast shooting more family minis.

Mommy and Me Mini Session at the Katy Silos | Houston Family Photographer

Another beautiful photo session at the Katy Silos! I can't make this stuff up, this location is really one of the best local spots.

Courtney wanted a mommy and me session with her two littles in time for Christmas and just as she had throughout the years raising these sweet babes, she included this colorful quilt handmade by her grandmother. I find myself kinda wishing I had a tradition like this! It's so special.

Mini Session with 3 Adorable Sisters at the Katy Silos | Houston Family Photographer

This local photography hot spot in Katy, TX allows for a lot of creativity from rustic structures to grassy fields. It's a favorite for sure.

These three sisters are a joy to photograph. The littlest one adores her big sisters and giggles pretty much anytime one of them does something silly, unless she just got up from a nap. The oldest is outgoing and talkative, the star of the show and her smile is stunning!

And the middle sister, y'all, she is precious. Although she is incredibly shy, by the end of the session even she couldn't keep all her smiles to herself. Watch how she evolves as the session progresses, with the finale being her running free in the field. #love

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