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One of the main reasons I created Jennifer Sue Photography is to celebrate and advocate for families who adopt, either from foster care, by choosing a birth mom or adopting internationally. All families deserve to be celebrated and to have their unique family photographed as a way of preserving their precious memories.

As with most foster care situations, the identity of the children must be protected until their adoption is finalized. When initially sharing these sweet sessions, I'm only able to show faceless images of the children. Then, when they become part of a forever family (WHOOP!!), I share the entire session and it's just another way to support these remarkable families.

Here's my latest foster-to-adopt in-home family session, where the parents eagerly await, and simultaneously work their butts off, to adopt their foster son. In preparation of their family growing, mom and dad desired to celebrate this life-changing decision with a family session in their home.

Do you know a family adopting who would be blessed by an in-home photo session? Hook them up with JSP and earn them a discounted price on their digitals!

In-Home Newborn Family Session | Houston Family Photographer

The fall season is fast approaching and with that comes all the pumpkin pies you can eat and lovely in-home family pictures to celebrate the holidays!!

Memories are made in our homes more than any other place, and photographing those memories is an incredibly magical way to remember them for all the years to come. From toddlers taking their first steps to teenagers in high school taking their first dates: in-home photography captures what matters most in an artful and timeless way.

This family of five celebrated the birth of their third son with a newborn in-home family session, complete with pillow fights and popcicles in the front yard. We had a blast!

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Celebrating the Here and Now: Our Life in Photos | Houston Family Photographer

It's been too long since I shared our every day photos. These gems are the single best way to document family, to celebrate it, to remember these years our children are still young and living at home.

Houston Family Photographer

It can be hard to think about a time that our younger children won't still be in our homes. It can seem years away, until its upon you and it's the last year your teenager will probably be home. Then we're hit smack in the face with reality. This is it. Where did the time go?!

"We can do that next year. No big deal. We'll try next month."

There's nothing inherently wrong with these statements, nothing at all; except when we're telling ourselves this time after time, month after month, summer after summer, there's an underlying belief that our family can wait. Our memories, our dreams, our adventures- they can wait until life isn't so busy or there isn't so much on the calender.

Houston Family Photographer

There's so much room for grace here. This isn't a guilt trip, friend. But there's also room for our best yeses! Yes to our families and yes to our dreams and yes to raising little hearts into compassionate, thoughtful adults. Yes to our husbands or wives and yes to our kid's desires, not just our own.

It's so easy to get caught up in the business and the hustle... "I gotta do this. I gotta get this done." We're tempted to think that if we don't do all these things then no one else will either. It's all on us or it won't get done.

But that's a lie. It's not all on us. And there are things we can say no to; no because it's not a good fit for our family or no because we need to spend more time with our spouse.

Houston Family Photographer

These are hard lessons to learn and there's no perfect recipe for success when it comes to knowing when to say yes and when to say no. It's a worthy fight, and picture-taking ever reminds me that while there isn't all the time in the world, there is today, in the here and now. And it's lovely.

Houston Family Photographer

Our Candid Life in Photos - Bath Time Series | Houston Family Photographer

In-home photography is such a beautiful way of capturing the sweet memories of our family. One of the best locations inside our home is the boy's upstairs bathroom. The light here is magical. White tile backsplash acts as a natural reflector and sends all the beautiful light right back toward my subject, allowing for crisp images and gorgeous detail. Throw in some dinosaurs and paint the water blue for fun color pop, and it's show time. Oh, and bubbles. Can't forget about bubbles.

Houston Family Photographer
Houston Family Photographer
Houston Family Photographer
Houston Family Photographer
Houston Family Photographer
Houston Family Photographer
Houston Family Photographer
Houston Family Photographer
Houston Family Photographer

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Adorable Candid Family Session in Sugar Land, TX

Candid family sessions are chock-full of memories, documenting your children right where there they are, right in this moment. They capture the little things you love so much about your family:

  • how little brother follows his big brother everywhere he goes, mimicking his words and actions
  • how your baby just started walking, with his chunky little legs toddling around
  • how your oldest son is growing into his own adventurous personality, climbing everything around him and showing no fear
  • the way your husband holds y'all's boys' hands
  • the way little brother looks up at you with his arms stretched out, asking for you to hold him

Family photography stops time, even if just for a moment, allowing you to preserve what matters most to you in this world.

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