Our Documented Life {August Part Two} - When Harvey sent us to Austin

I'm excited to finally be able to write this blog after documenting Hurricane Harvey's devastating aftermath in Houston. This post is a simple story of our evacuation time in Austin. We found beauty amongst the chaos and while it was hard being away from home, we also found relief.

We stayed in a charming home we found on airbnb, and even though the owner didn't list her home as a free place to stay for evacuees, she later refunded most of our charges. It was glorious. We prayed for that, and God answered.

We were so stir crazy after being cooped up in our home back in Houston for three days. I took the boys and my sister to Barton Springs, knowing the creek would be flowing due to all the rain.

It didn't disappoint, y'all. It never does.

Houston Candid Family Photographer
Houston Candid Family Photographer
Houston Candid Family Photographer

Confession: I bought two canvases for Charlie and Noah last Christmas. Last Christmas, y'all. We brought them with us when we evacuated (all thanks for Charlie who gradded them and threw them in van with their other toys) and had a little paintin party.

Why didn't I do this with them before? Sometimes it just takes a hurricane to get you to do something. Like shave your legs. I did that too for the first time in... well... two months?

I told you it was confession time.

This may have been my favorite part of the trip: visiting the Austin 360 Bridge.

We captured the sunset over the lake, found perfect spots to grab a few pictures and exhaled deeply, knowing soon enough we'd be going back home where the cleanup efforts would be in full swing.

It was lovely.

We left for home the next day. The trip back was lovely, well, except for the gas shortage and that most of my crew indulged in Taco Bell. Really guys?

We got to witness a convoy of special forces driving toward Houston to aid in the cleanup. I saw vehicles I didn't even know existed. It felt oddly peaceful knowing they were heading toward my city the same time as us.

Thank you, truly, to all who have helped us.