Our Documented Life {August 2017} - My Current Mood and Back to School

Sometimes I feel like I'm suffocating in my life: wife, mama, teacher, daughter, sister, friend, business owner, volunteer photographer, small group leader, maid, cook, laundry mat, homeowner, dreamer of everything and wanna-be doer of all...

There's always something to clean. There's always something to cook. There are always pictures to edit. There's always some place to be; and I easily run myself ragged.

And then there are days when these very same things bring me so much joy and freedom that I forget the hard days, until I'm in the hard season again.

If you're feeling this way too, you're not alone. Comment below or email me, and I'd love to pray with you.

Until then, enjoy these images from our life in August- you know, before Harvey came through and flooded the entire city. (For once I'm not exaggerating.)

I ran a little promotion in August as an invitation for you lovely people to Like my Facebook page. It was really fun; I was surprised! I love surprises!

I offered a free coffee gift card to one of my followers after the contest was over. Speaking of which, I should probably get on that. #geethanksHarvey

Houston Candid Family Photographer

August is known to everyone every where as back to school month. (At least in the US. Do they celebrate back to school in Europe or China or France in August? Why do I not know this? Harry Potter celebrated back to school but was it in August? I think it was September.)

School for us is a bit different since we homeschool, but we still celebrate the season and get pumped-up for our community school day on Mondays!

That picture right up there, melts my heart. My little Pre-k-er and First Grader. Yes, we keep track of grades in homeschool too. ;-)

August Part Two is solely dedicated to our evacuation time in Austin due to Hurricane Harvey. Seriously, I'm starting to really dislike the name Harvey now. Sorry to all you Harveys out there.

I wrote a post documenting Harvey's aftermath in Houston. It's stunning what happened here, devasting, but oh these beautiful people serving one another is gorgeous.