Our Documented Life {October} - Crazy Weather, Halloween and the Every Day Moments

Living in H-town is like living in a furnace, except for the days when we have a 40-degree temperature jump. Layers, y'all. It's the only way to survive here. One day you're dressing your kids in tank tops and two days later you're in long sleeves and hoodies. #becausehouston

Even so, our extended non-fall days spent at the park or in our backyard always lend themselves to the best pictures. Especially when our friends are with us!

And then there was Halloween! I wish I could say we scored big trick or treating but we got majorly rained out this year. Still, we had a good ol' time wearing our pajamas turned costumes for weeks ahead of time. Totally milked it.

Our normal life is the most fun to capture. These are the every day moments that will eventually be forgotten but when preserved in pictures I can remember the little moments that have led up to the bigger ones. That's where it's at, y'all.